Jaclyn and Patrick

Honestly, Jaclyn and Patrick are my people.


Jaclyn is a Vancouver based makeup artist and Patrick is talented actor. It is so refreshing to work with likeminded creatives. They have the kind of love that is so recognizable as an outsider. Within moments of having them in front of my lens it became evident how truly matched they were for one another. 

Not only do they treat each other with such kindness and respect-they have a serious love of carbs that I identify with. I know this because they sent me pictures of the pasta platter for four they polished off after our session and to be honest I am still experiencing fomo.

I was so thrilled they were onboard with combing the streets of Vancouver in their old stomping grounds and going on a photography adventure with me. They put their trust in me and let me go off on my creative whims. Which, by the way, I do that a lot. Sorry guys, it really does make for the best photos though. 

We stayed around Gastown and Waterfront and searched for alleyways along our walkabout it. I adore these two and their session speaks for itself!