Courtney and Stef

If you met 25 year old me, chances are I was driving a blue 1993 Chevy Cavalier, with only one side mirror and a black scrap door panel, named Blue and serving at the local watering hole, TownHall.

It was there that I had the chance to meet so many amazing people who I just adore and totally miss working with. Cue, Court. We met working together and she made the whole experience of being slammed with Sunday funday Clo-opens much more manageable and dare I say enjoyable? I was so flattered and honoured to get the chance to shoot Courts wedding, which I know will be so tasteful, fun and romantic. Court and Stefano have been dating for about 7 years now, while they have worked away at their degrees  and buying their first home together. They will be getting married at Estate 248 next summer and I am pretty stoked about it, in case you can't tell- I really like them!

I hadn't  had the chance to meet Stef before their engagement shoot, but I connected to the fact that like my husband he is also a tricky fair-skinned Italian boy . 
What I love most about the shoot with these two is you can just tell that they are 100% best buds yet also have this really beautiful soulful chemistry, which makes all my photographer dreams come true.

 Also, probably haven't ever laughed so hard and much during a shoot. These kids are pretty hilarious ! 
I will be sharing their beautiful wedding this summer stayed tuned!