Courtney and Stef

If you met 25 year old me, chances are I was driving a blue 1993 Chevy Cavalier, with only one side mirror and a black scrap door panel, named Blue and serving at the local watering hole, TownHall.

It was there that I had the chance to meet so many amazing people who I just adore and totally miss working with. Cue, Court. We met working together and she made the whole experience of being slammed with Sunday funday Clo-opens much more manageable and dare I say enjoyable? I was so flattered and honoured to get the chance to shoot Courts wedding, which I know will be so tasteful, fun and romantic. Court and Stefano have been dating for about 7 years now, while they have worked away at their degrees  and buying their first home together. They will be getting married at Estate 248 next summer and I am pretty stoked about it, in case you can't tell- I really like them!

I hadn't  had the chance to meet Stef before their engagement shoot, but I connected to the fact that like my husband he is also a tricky fair-skinned Italian boy . 
What I love most about the shoot with these two is you can just tell that they are 100% best buds yet also have this really beautiful soulful chemistry, which makes all my photographer dreams come true.

 Also, probably haven't ever laughed so hard and much during a shoot. These kids are pretty hilarious ! 
I will be sharing their beautiful wedding this summer stayed tuned! 




Shantelle and Mike

Shantelle and Mike are the kind of lovers that photographers dream of shooting.

Madly in love, beautiful and full of energy. There session was a dream to shoot and I am so happy I got to meet these love birds and bare witness to their one-of-a-kind love. 

On the day of their shoot they were celebrating 17 years together, which I was shocked about because they look like teenagers. I have a haunch that they are secretly vampires, which would account for their beauty, agileness and age resistant faces. 

We started out at Redwoods Park and finished off in Whiterock. The best of the West Coast and Pacific North West if you ask me. 

Enjoy ! 


Jaclyn and Patrick

Honestly, Jaclyn and Patrick are my people.


Jaclyn is a Vancouver based makeup artist and Patrick is talented actor. It is so refreshing to work with likeminded creatives. They have the kind of love that is so recognizable as an outsider. Within moments of having them in front of my lens it became evident how truly matched they were for one another. 

Not only do they treat each other with such kindness and respect-they have a serious love of carbs that I identify with. I know this because they sent me pictures of the pasta platter for four they polished off after our session and to be honest I am still experiencing fomo.

I was so thrilled they were onboard with combing the streets of Vancouver in their old stomping grounds and going on a photography adventure with me. They put their trust in me and let me go off on my creative whims. Which, by the way, I do that a lot. Sorry guys, it really does make for the best photos though. 

We stayed around Gastown and Waterfront and searched for alleyways along our walkabout it. I adore these two and their session speaks for itself!






Danni and Tony's Campbell Valley Park Maternity Shoot.

You guys, for your eyeballs you can thank me later. 

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are the most adorable couple; in just over a a month they are going to be welcoming a baby girl. 

Our family has had a streak of all boys for what we thought would be two generations. Luckily, Danni and Tony are breaking that streak. To say we are excited is an understatement. 

I was so happy that they trusted me to capture them in this special time in their lives and I am thrilled with how this session turned out. I mean, I might be bias because they are family after all, and that is my niece in that bump. 

We weren't sure where to go for this session, as luck would have it Tony was running behind so we would have to stay local here in Langley and the light was just right in Campbell Valley Park for us. 

I adore being a maternity photographer here in the Fraser Valley and I am looking forward to many more maternity sessions this summer. 

Give me all the bumps! 

Sammi's Fort Langley Maternity Session

I have been best friends with Sam since we were small. We grew up on the same street, and went to grade school together. We would spend our summer gallivanting from dusk until and dawn, later as we got older we'd do much the same, only slight different. Ha ha ha, 

It seems like I could blink and be in Sam's room at her parents house planning what we were going to wear to the school dance and gossiping about boys. Time flys. We both are now happily married and mother's to beautiful children. Sam is expecting a little baby girl this May. I was beyond thrilled and happy to shoot her maternity pictures. 

Sam was such a trooper in the cold winter weather, and you'd bet we helped ourselves to some amazing burritos before we got to shooting! She was so easy to shoot because she is drop dead grog!

Dasia's Maternity session in Williams Park.

I have known Kasia since we were in high school, and in the past couple years we have become neighbours. She's the sweetest girl, and you'd never guess it but she doesn't love getting her picture taken. She let us photograph this special time in her life and we were so happy to be a part of this.